With the growing economy comes an unexpected problem across the country:  not enough qualified individuals to fill the positions and needs of businesses like yours.  If your company is growing and you find it increasingly difficult to recruit the right kind of employee, whether due to the limits on H2B visas, the lack of qualified applicants, or a tight labor market where you operate, we can help.  

Why Puerto Rico?

  • Puerto Rico has a highly educated workforce due to its low-cost higher education structure.
  • Given the unfortunate and difficult economic circumstances on the island, Puerto Rican citizens are actively seeking opportunities throughout the U.S.
  • Talented, dedicated workers have experience and interest in a variety of occupations, including hi-tech (with advanced degrees), nursing/medical, manufacturing, general labor, seasonal labor, and more. 
  • Puerto Ricans are American citizens who reside within U.S. borders and jurisdiction.  
  • Puerto Ricans are among the most amiable and hard-working on the planet (okay, we're a bit biased!).

Convinced?  Although you might be, we realize that expanding your business and understanding the regulatory and various cultural implications of a new locality might be a daunting task. We’re here to help.

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