With the growing economy comes an unexpected problem:  not enough qualified individuals to fill positions and the needs of businesses like yours.  If your company is growing and you find it increasingly difficult to recruit the right kind of employee, whether due to the limits on H-2B, H-1B, or J-1 visas, the lack of qualified applicants, or a tight labor market where you operate, we can help. 

Why US?

  • Our communities are comprised of a highly educated, high-skilled workforce.

  • If you are looking to recruit in Puerto Rico, there are no H-1B or H-2B limits; as an American territory with American citizens, you are unlimited in your recruitment potential.

  • Given the unfortunate and difficult economic circumstances on the island, Puerto Rican citizens are actively seeking opportunities throughout the U.S. We are tapped into our communities and can help you recruit the talent you need from across the U.S.

  • Talented, dedicated workers have experience and interest in a variety of occupations, including hi-tech (with advanced degrees), nursing/medical, manufacturing, general labor, seasonal labor, and more.

  • Our pool of available potential employees operate under existing laws within the U.S.

    Puerto Ricans are among the most amiable and hard-working on the planet (okay, we're a bit biased!).

  • Our job postings get seen!

Facebook individual post views

Facebook individual post views

screenshot of job board views

screenshot of job board views

Tap into our vast network and let us promote and market your opportunities.  Become a member or order one of our plans below today and we'll help you find the right candidates, right away. 

Basic recruitment plan: $500

  • Includes posting an individual page on our site, which directly links to your recruitment web-page;

  • Job posting announcements via Twitter and Facebook;

  • Targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Google ads for 2 weeks. These are the most effective outlets!

Enhanced recruitment plan: $1000

  • all above plus:

  • corporate supporter designation;

  • dissemination to our 20,000+ business members;

  • additional job sharing with our partner network which reaches hundreds of thousands of individuals;

  • enhanced digital ad campaigns:

    • 1 month digital ad campaigns

    • enhanced direct targeting to specific demographics within our membership and connected individuals in specific locations

    • generally more productive for companies with larger recruitment needs (10+ positions)

Custom/long-term recruitment plans: $TBD, based on needs

  • for those companies with long-term continuous recruitment needs;

  • can extend campaigns in perpetuity;

  • media outreach and press releases of new partnership included;

  • full corporate sponsorship (useful for marketing purposes!)

start recruiting here

To see a few sample job listings, click here.

After signing up, please send us an email at, with information on your position/s available and links to your existing recruiting efforts, contact info for applicants, and any other materials or info you would like us to publicize. We look forward to connecting you!

**The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)3 organization that does not provide legal advice on the regulations involved in recruitment activities in Puerto Rico or any other U.S. jurisdiction.