Our brothers & sisters in Puerto Rico are still in need. . .

To date, your donations have put roofs on the homes of those still recovering, provided medicine and medical equipment to those in need, as well as educational scholarships to youth (as well as supplies to teachers) who have experienced multiple setbacks due to hurricanes and the resulting economic crisis in Puerto Rico.

2019 UPDATE:  While many homes still have structural damage from hurricanes in 2017, today our focus is on helping households (especially those with elderly and small children) to recover well and rebuild their lives.

Though the economy is recovering better than anticipated, re-development in smaller businesses (e.g. mom and pop shops, small farmers, service providers, etc.) lags significantly, leaving too many without the means to recover and prepare as they need.  Will you consider helping us to provide materials for roofs and to improve household structures, stocks of medicine, and scholarships to our youth who need better educational opportunities?  You are guaranteed to improve the lives of many . . .


VIDEO: Some of NPRChamber’s disaster assistance efforts since last year.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by last year's hurricanes in Puerto Rico.  Many, many individuals and families continue to reach out to us for help on a daily basis!  Whether it's a request for medicines, new furniture, clothing, roofs, school supplies, or generators for required medical equipment, the needs are abundant and we want to continue being there to offer help in any way we can, so that no life is unnecesarily lost during this year's storm season.


Despite the overwhelming number of requests, we are amazed by the number of people willing to volunteer and personally carry much-needed supplies to the island, week after week after week!

While there are a lot of ways to help the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico - whether with your time, hard-earned cash, or thoughts and prayers - our generous supporters have continued to offer to match every dollar raised through our site, while some retailers and manufacturers have also offered to double our orders, effectively quadrupling a dollar's impact through our fund!  To ensure we have the most efficient operation, we're still sending supplies via volunteers who have offered to travel to the door of those in need, or direct via the postal service.  This way we can rest assured that we are helping those who need it the most.

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We appreciate anything you are willing to offer more than we can ever say.  It will take a long time to recover, but we are encouraged by the tremendous demonstration of love and support we have already witnessed and experienced and are certain we will only be stronger in the end! 

iMil gracias!

Thank you!

***NPRChamber is an IRS designated 501(c)3 charitable organization.***

Request latest "donor letter," for a detailed list of our efforts (i.e. where your $$$ goes!)

Filling boxes...

Filling boxes...

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