NPRChamber Opposes Recently Proposed Bills that Will Alter Healthcare and Economic System

Washington, DC (January 10, 2019) – The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce made the following statement in response to the recently proposed bills that would alter our health care and economic system:

“Recently proposed legislation promoting foreign drug importation, international pricing comparisons, and government interference within the health care market would not only affect businesses that are essential to our economy but also impede a physicians’ ability to offer safe and effective care to patients. International reference pricing could hinder scientific progress by disincentivizing future medical innovation, which would stifle economic growth and prevent patients from accessing new, potentially life-saving cures and therapies. Additionally, government negotiation is likely to have a negligible effect on spending unless medication restrictions are also implemented. This would further limit access to new medicines as well as drugs patients depend on currently. Further concerning, the introduction of drug importation would invite potentially unsafe, untested medications into our drug distribution system.  Health care policy changes must seek to improve the lives of patients and the market as a whole. The proposed legislation falls short in both and should be rejected by Congress.