NPRChamber Statement in Support of Medicare Part D

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Washington, DC (May 31, 2018)The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce (NPRChamber) has issued the following statement calling for Republican Members of Congress to sign-on to Rep. Richard Hudson’s letter regarding the Medicare Part D program:

“A healthy economy can often be influenced by the health of its people, which is why programs like Medicare Part D are so important. The Part D program has been vital to providing the seniors in our communities with affordable access to prescription medications and must be protected from harmful changes. We are encouraged by Rep. Hudson’s efforts to address changes to cost-sharing incentives included in the recently passed Bipartisan Budget Act and fix the Part D out-of-pocket cliff that could substantially increase seniors’ out-of-pocket costs in 2020. We call on House Republicans to join us in supporting Rep. Hudson and urge all representatives to sign on to his letter.”

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