NPRChamber Announces New Partnership to Reduce Energy Costs and Improve Energy Efficiency for Local Businesses

October 1, 2019, Washington, D.C.; San Juan, PRThe National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce its latest partner, Top Energy. As a company that has specialized in creating and implementing energy products and services for decades, Top Energy is rapidly expanding its services to Puerto Rico. The NPRChamber is especially excited to offer businesses across the island the opportunity to take advantage of Top Energy’s unique business model, which allows companies to operate more efficiently, while significantly reducing energy costs.

With a mission to help businesses improve profitability in order to bolster economic development on the island, the NPRChamber is especially excited to welcome a partner that aligns with our goals.

Please read more about Top Energy’s products and services in Puerto Rico below.


Top Energy is a multinational renewable energy company serving the industrial and commercial sectors. With 6 years of experience in engineering, procurement, construction, operation and management of energy generation systems; Top Energy has the privilege of delivering green, resilient and reliable power to companies like Walmart Mexico, Subway, Modelorama, Anytime Fitness and Santa Clara Creamery. Our work has also opened doors into partnerships with international Real Estate Investment Trusts and enable them to further leverage their commercial assets through onsite energy generation and commercialization. 

We plan to serve Puerto Rico's economic growth through Top Energy's Distributed Generation Model; we deliver power at lower rates per kilowatt/hour than AEE-PREPA, at no capital expense to our clients. Top Energy will fully invest in the generation assets and simply deliver energy through long-term Power Purchase Agreements. Our off-takers benefit from reducing their operational expenses without investing any capital of their own. 

Find us online at Top Energy USA and follow us on social media: 

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