NPRChamber Appears on Fox News to Discuss the "Puerto Rican Vote"


We're not always interested in getting into the "political weeds" (in fact, part of our mission is to remain as non-partisan as possible!), but when we had the chance to discuss the impact of our brethren's voting interests on the nation's elections -- we had to accept.  

Too often our country's citizens concede that "our vote doesn't matter."  It's especially easy to think this way if you happen to live in Puerto Rico, where, despite being a U.S. citizen, you can't even vote for the President in a general election.  Despite being a veteran of Afghanistan, our founder often bemoans the fact that if he moved to the island, he wouldn't even be allowed to vote for the next commander-in-chief.

This year is just a little different.  Puerto Rico has been making headline news for its fiscal crisis, but is finally making headline news for its political prowess and potential influence on national elections.  With nearly a million voters in the swing state of Florida, Puerto Ricans now have an opportunity to make their voices heard, both on the island and where they may choose to reside across the U.S.

Click here to view the full segment, but keep this in mind during this very important election year:  YOUR VOTE REALLY DOES MATTER!