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Contact info: or Logan 1-801-358-6369

Canyon Landscaping LLC, is a full service landscape company located in Logan, UT

90 miles North of Salt Lake City

We are looking for Landscape Laborer’s to perform Landscape Construction and Property Maintenance work.

This is seasonal landscape work from 4/1/19– 11/30/19


Landscape Laborer: Trenching, grading, drainage, irrigation installation, plant & tree installation, mulch, installing sod, pavers and boulders etc.


Property Maintenance: Weeding, Planting, Mowing, Trimming, Pruning and Mulch etc.


·        Applicants will assist with a wide variety of landscape maintenance and landscape Installation projects

·        Duration of job-April 1 to November 30, 2019

·        Hours- 7:30am to 6pm – Monday through Friday 5 days per week, occasional Saturday

·        Must be 20 years or older

·        Must be able to bend, squat and carry/lift 50 lbs.

·        Landscape experience is helpful but not essential, previous labor experience in farm or construction is required

·        Must have a social security card and a valid driver’s license

·        Basic English proficiency is helpful

·        Uniform: Required closed toe boots, long pants. We provide 3 Shirts

·        Immediate termination for fighting, drugs, attendance deficiencies, and lying

Employees are expected and responsible to produce landscape, irrigation and hardscape projects at the highest  quality level within the hours allotted for the project, all while exceeding our clients expectation’s.  

Comprehensive orientation and regular trainings are provided by company to ensure employee success. Successful employees are committed to work hard, smart, fast, quality, detailed, safe and clean.


·        $12.00 Hourly Base+ Overtime after 40 hour week.  Payday is every 2 weeks

·        Additional Rate per hr. for demonstrated landscape experience and/or English speaking.

·        Opportunity for performance bonus and career advancement

·        Arrival travel booked by company advancing funds to employee and to be deducted from first four pay periods. Travel reimbursement available after 4 months of qualifying employment.

·        Housing: $300 per person per month, includes utilities (no tv or internet)

·        Bring: at least $200 for the first 2 weeks for food and necessities to get you established


 Mailing Address:                                              Shop Address:

Canyon Landscaping                                      Canyon Landscaping

308 N Hammond Lane                                   2906 S. Highway 89/91

Providence, UT 84332                                   Nibley, UT 84321

How to Apply: Email your resume to: