The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce

… was created - not just to help build businesses - but to help sustain them by advocating on behalf of our business members.  Our agenda is to promote the small business efforts of Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, Women, and other minorities, however, the basis of our philosophy revolves around the idea that what is good for our overall economy is good for all peopleincluding minorities.  

Therefore, we will only advocate for issues that we believe will affect these small businesses and the promotion of economic development.  In other words, we tend to stay out of issues that we have no business being in . . .


Our only Agenda is your Agenda

If there is one thing we are staunchly supportive of, its economic freedom.  Whether related to taxation, regulation, labor law, or opportunities for innovation and expansion, we are generally in opposition to that which restricts an entrepreneur’s ability to contribute to economic prosperity.

In addition to our efforts to promote economic freedom, the following issues are paramount to supporting the efforts of the entrepreneur:  Free Speech, Education, Healthcare, Energy and Environment, Puerto Rico’s Status, National Security, Immigration, The Legal System, and more, but we take on indirect issues on a case-by-case basis.