Since 2009, our board of directors, in coordination with our staff and volunteers around the country, has played an intricate role in our organization's overall direction, mission, and success.   



The members of our national board of directors, along with our strategic advisory board, come from a variety of fields, hold various positions, and have extensive small business to large corporation and governmental experience including: former high level officials from the Government of Puerto Rico, Executive Branch senior government officials, senior executives and CEOs of mid-to-large corporations, academic researchers and administrators, and successful small business owners.  Feel free to email us for a full list of current board members and officers:


national staff & Advisors


Justin Vélez-Hagan 

National Executive Director/Chief Economist


JAqueline Rios 



Jorge Salichs, Esq.

Senior Legal Advisor


Gustavo Portela

Senior Policy Advisor


Joseph Milligan

Senior Policy Advisor


Jose Perez-Riera, Esq.

Senior Economic Development Advisor


Lynette Spano

Senior Entrepreneurship Advisor


Junixsa Lazu-Henry

Volunteer Coordinator, NY Region


J. Candy Escobar

Volunteer Coordinator, New York & Puerto Rico


This list is currently being updated.  Please email us for an updated list of current staff and national leaders.