If you're visiting this page, you likely already realize the phenomenal opportunities for doing business in Puerto Rico (click here for a recap).  Now that you know you want to make the leap, you'll likely want, or need, a little help doing so.  Don't worry, we've got the expertise you need, the name you trust, and the integrity of a Main Street handshake to provide the peace of mind you deserve.  

Join our chamber as a corporate member, and we'll reciprocate with the following (some of the following are exclusive to various levels of membership-please contact us for more information):

  • Initial - or follow up - consulting services from one (or several) of our legal, tax, real estate, business development, or government professionals;

  • Connections to our pool of experts, government contacts, and local businesses that know the ropes and can offer the advice and connections required to operate in an environment like Puerto Rico's;

  • Free promotional advertising, including: mentions throughout our network, promotions on Facebook and Twitter, exclusive highlight in our 20,000-member email distributions, and connections with media - as requested - for invaluable, exclusive public relations opportunities in national and international publications (exclusive to executive support levels);

  • Discounted continued services via our exclusive "endorsed local providers" list;

  • The expertise to navigate the bureaucratic waters that any new enterprise must obtain, especially in the ever-changing investment climate in Puerto Rico that requires a deep expertise in tax law and government affairs; and

  • Did we mention "contacts?" Oh, yes, you'll need lots of those and few organizations are as well connected as we are, with locations on both the mainland, as well as in Puerto Rico!

  • How else may we serve you? Let us know!



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