THE NATIONAL PUERTO RICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that believes that entrepreneurship is the key to a strong, successful economy.  Given our current economic condition it is now more important than ever to support the establishment, growth, and development of businesses that provide greater economic opportunities within our local communities, as well as to support policies that promote greater economic freedom for the entrepreneur.  


Our Mission is to support the development of entrepreneurship and innovation throughout Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland by providing a comprehensive resource for incubating and growing business ideas.  

Why Now?

Across the U.S. unemployment has escalated to a level unprecedented in most of our lifetimes.  Yet, unemployment amongst Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, and other minorities is far worse, especially within Puerto Rico.  

With less business activity, jobs dwindle, families begin to struggle, needs rise, public assistance needs increases, government budgets are strained resulting in increased tax-payer burdens, non-profits lose the funding they use to help those in need, economies falter, and people inevitably suffer.  We have to do all we can to prevent a perpetual downward cycle, for the sake of future generations.

In the end, our society’s well-being depends upon private business innovation and job creation.

Help us, help each other. . .

It’s time we stopped being dependent upon others to change our situation, our economy, and our society.  The National Puerto Rican Chamber of CommerceTM is here to help you in any way possible, whether through one-on-one consulting, research, mentoring, grants, networking, advice, financing, planning, legislative advocacy. . .you name it, we are there to help you achieve.  

But, we can’t do this alone.  If you can, help us out by volunteering, sponsoring, donating, or lending.  If you need help, give us a call, send an email, post a question on our blog, or grab us on the street.

It’s time to change our situation and the course of our society.  Help us, help each other.